At footsteps we recognise just how important our incredible team are. The quality of the childcare environment we provide is a direct reflection of the hard work and dedication of our staff.

Our great reputation has allowed footsteps continued expansion and as the business grows so do the opportunities for career advancement.

Through a continued commitment to staff development we ensure a solid and rewarding career path and are proud to share the following story of a recently promoted staff member…

Louise Humby - Nursery Manager Footsteps Fazeley


Since joining Footsteps in 2013 as a Pre School senior at Lichfield Road, I have always received high quality in-house training. Which has enabled me to complete my role to the highest of my ability.
The training Footsteps provides has always been an effective way to network with other staff from across the company, and a great opportunity to share ideas together and enhance our collective practice.
I have recently been offered a promotion to Manager of the Fazeley Footsteps nursery and I look forward to the many challenges and opportunities this position will offer me.
From a Nursery Nurse, new to the company, through to a Nursery Manager I have had a great support team behind me which enables us all to have a long and happy career at Footsteps!