Staff Question of the Month


This month’s staff questions are slightly different, as part of my university course, I am creating a report and recommendations on staff retention within the organisation. This month’s questions are based around your thoughts on what motivates people to stay within an organisation and what you think ‘long service’ means.

I do not need your individual details so you can respond anonymously however, I would be interested in your age and what role you have within the organisation.

At the end of the month and once I have gathered all the information together, I would like to conduct interviews with a handful of staff to further investigate the responses received. If you would like to take part in the interviews a section at the end of these questions can be completed with your name and the place you work.

One of the questions asks for your age and so, I must ensure I cover GDPR regulations and so will only use this information in relation to this study. At any time your wish to withdraw your responses please inform me on my email address and we can erase your response at any time.

If you complete the questions below, you will have given me your informed consent to use your responses within my study.

You can find the survey below!

Kind regards,

Sian Wride